Wherever construction is going on, there will be a big mess left in its wake that somebody has to clean up. That somebody is Brighter Image® Contractors are almost always in a pinch to meet deadlines, and in the last minute to clean a job site to prepare for turn over.

At Brighter Image®, we take pride in our reputation of being on-time and on schedule. We are responsible for making the property presentable to sell, or if it’s presold, making it turn-key ready for the new owner/tenant; it will sparkle.

Our Post Construction Cleaning Service includes the following:

Basic new structure or remodel cleaning is a given, and can be addressed in two ways, depending on the site’s needs. It can be contracted to be done all at one time, or in phases as the site progresses. Here’s a simple example of a three phase cleaning for commercial construction cleanup proposal:

Phase One – “Rough Clean”
A phase one cleaning may be requested by the GC after the framing, plumbing, and electrical have been inspected and completed. This phase may be done before or after the sheetrock has been installed, or what is also considered the “dried in stage”. The phase one cleaning will consist of the removal of large debris and trash, stickers will be removed from windows, and the unit will be swept out. This phase will help prepare for the arrival of incoming subs for painting, flooring, fixtures, and cabinetry.

Phase Two – “Prep Clean”
A phase two cleaning will be requested prior to the GC’s inspection, leading to the final “punch list” for all contractors. This phase will consist of a detailed cleaning of the entire space, including restrooms. This phase includes removal of any stickers remaining on the appliances, fixtures, cabinets, and windows. Cleaning baseboards, light fixtures, door frames, interior windows, window ledges, mirrors, and floors vacuumed and/or mopped, as necessary, to prepare for the punch list.

Important note: At this point of the construction process, various contractors may still be returning to the unit to address concerns. Phase two should be scheduled after their concerns have been addressed. Phase two cleaning items requested after the phase two cleaning has been completed and approved will be provided at an additional charge.

Phase Three – “Punch Clean or Final Clean”
A phase three cleaning during a post construction clean will be requested after the GC’s inspections have taken place and no other subs will be entering into the unit. In this phase, all touch ups will be addressed, and everything will be considered new owner or tenant ready. This effort will finalize with the floors being swept and mopped, carpet vacuumed, and any dust still remaining addressed. When the conclusion of this phase is approved, the site cleaning effort for this unit will be considered complete.

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