The true impact of graffiti goes way beyond ever-increasing allocations for graffiti removal and coatings. Unfortunately, graffiti is a situation that leaves your property looking degraded and unsafe. It is vital to get graffiti removed as quickly as possible.

The ultimate impact of doing nothing and NOT removing graffiti completely and efficiently includes:​

  • A heightened fear of crime in the area
  • Graffiti attracts more graffiti, contributing to a drop in traffic, reduced tenancy, loss of visitors or tourism
  • Increases taxes to fund cleanup programs by towns, municipalities and building owners who spend thousands to keep their property free of graffiti

Environmentally Safe Graffiti Removal

  • Brighter Image® has been leading the charge against graffiti throughout the nation for years.
  • We use environmentally safe chemicals, designed for maximum removal effectiveness that are consumer and environmentally safe.

We offer:​

  • Complete anti-graffiti solutions – graffiti removal and graffiti abatement
  • Our abatement teams will color match to existing paint for paint over removals, or use our leading edge products to completely and safely remove all signs of the graffiti.
  • We use environmentally friendly chemicals to remove graffiti – Green
  • We offer Anti-Graffiti Coatings that do not allow paint, graffiti, permanent marker, stickers, gum, road tar, cement, and other markings or environmental contaminants to bond to the dry film

You can save time, expense, and frustration by contacting Brighter Image® today for all of your Graffiti Removal problems.

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