Polished concrete is the flooring finish of choice for many today. As a cost-effective, low maintenance solution it is easy to clean, sustainable, and durable for any environment, an overall excellent flooring solution. Polished concrete has the lowest replacement cost of any other floor topping or coating. It is ideal in any environment or facility including: schools, grocery stores, factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, aircraft hangars, dollar stores, hardware stores or big box retailers.

Hire the Right Commercial Flooring Contractor

  • You don’t need the kind of headaches that come with hiring the wrong commercial polishing contractor. When you trust your project to Brighter Image® you can relax, we strive to get the job done on time and right.

Large or Small, We Can Do It

  • We have the capabilities to polish your commercial concrete floors, whether it’s a small reception area, warehouse store or a multi-story facility.

Competitive Prices

  • Large commercial, manufacturing, or industrial projects require dust free environments for their products. Brighter Image® is equipped to clean and provide a polished floor finish for large open areas at commercial and industrial facilities at a substantial cost saving. Whether it is a new construction project or the rehabilitation of an existing industrial manufacturing facility, Brighter Image® offers cleaning and polishing concrete for commercial, manufacturing, and industrial customers nationwide.

Flexible Scheduling

  • Brighter Image® works with commercial floor clients to ensure that flooring work is completed with minimal disruption to ongoing business. We also know that commercial floors often need to be done quickly. We make our crews available so that your project will keep moving forward.

Dedicated Commercial Flooring Staff

  • Our commercial floor polishing staff is experienced, diligent, and pays attention to detail.

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