Those hard to reach places are a real challenge for commercial and retail centers to keep clean, but clean you must! Not only does it affect how customers perceive your business, but there is the very real matter of health and safety, which can be adversely affected by accumulated dirt and dust. Our highly skilled team of technicians have been transforming dirty, dusty, and hard to reach spaces in some of the most recognized names in retail. The transformation is remarkable!

Full High-Bay Ceiling Dust removal includes:

  • Roof Decking​
  • All Webbing and Framework on All Bar Joists​
  • All Interior Signage/Banners​
  • All Hanging Bollards​
  • All Security Camera Domes​ and Ceiling Suspended TV Monitors​
  • All High-Bay Lighting Fixtures​
  • All Ceiling Fans​
  • All Sprinkler, Electrical, and Refrigeration Piping​
  • All Tube Heaters​
  • All RTU Diffusers, including All Exposed Ductwork
  • All Suspended Checkout and Strip Lighting​
  • Remove All Unused Hardware/Strings/Ribbons, etc. from Ceiling​
  • Kitchen Displays – Tops of Cabinets and Molding​
  • All Roll Top Doors​
  • Entire Tube System​
  • Interior of Vestibules​
  • HPE (House Plant Enclosure)​
  • In-Rack Displays are NOT to be included​
  • All Sky Lights​
  • All Man Toors, Frames, and Detex Alarms

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