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Who We Are

Brighter Image Facility Maintenance is a woman-owned cleanup and abatement company. For over three decades, we have built a reputation for solving unique problems with customized solutions across multiple industries. We want facilities to look their best – and stay that way. To meet that standard, our cleanup and abatement approach includes addressing any immediate cleanup needs as well their root causes.

Our team is made up of personally invested, highly driven individuals who find satisfaction in providing solutions and exceeding expectations.

We like to make things as simple as possible for our client partners. In order to accomplish this, we have adopted a “No Surprises, Nationwide” policy. This policy ensures standardized training, processes, and pricing for our clients across all 50 states and territories – no matter how many properties they manage.

We place a high value on building meaningful relationships based on trust, loyalty, and open communication – both with our team members and our client partners. Our clients view us as an extension of their team- handing off everything from their highest
volume projects to their wildest challenges, with full confidence that we will deliver results that live up to their brand image.


Brighter Image Facility Maintenance – Problem Solvers, Clean & Simple.

What We Value



We have worked hard to foster a spirit of kindness, consideration and mutual respect amongst our team members. Many who have joined our Brighter Team have commented on how their experience with us stands far apart from any other company they may have worked with in the past. We are proud to have individuals from many different backgrounds and walks of life included as part of our Brighter Image Family!



Brighter Image believes in being responsible in every way – including how we use our resources. We reclaim water, use greener products, choose our partners carefully, and have virtually eliminated our paper use in order to support environmental sustainability.



Loyalty is the foundation on which meaningful relationships are built, and it permeates the way we do business. We show loyalty to our clients, partners, and team members, always striving to earn – and keep – their trust.

Giving Back

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to our local and global communities in a meaningful way. We are proud to have supported many charitable foundations, including Harvest Hands, CREW, The Home Depot Foundation, and A2S to name a few. We will always continue to look for opportunities to support our communities.

What Makes Us Different

Team Member

#1 Our Brighter Image Model

Every client is assigned a dedicated point of contact, supported by a highly-trained and organized team. Our Brighter Team model delivers a culture of accountability from leadership out to the field teams. Every member is thoroughly vetted, trained and equipped to solve your cleanup problems to the highest level of satisfaction.

#2 Our BrighTrax QC Process

You’re never in the dark with Brighter image. We integrate every project with BrighTrax, our proprietary workflow system. Once the field team completes the work to the highest standard, we share “before and after” photos in the reports for the ultimate QC. And should a problem arise, we guarantee to make it right — BrightRight!

Quality Control

#3 No Surprises Nationwide

Brighter Image keeps things simple, clear and clean no matter where you’re located. You always get simple budgeting and consistent service coast-to-coast, 24/7. We have a national hotline and manage
abatement and cleanup projects through standardized training, processes and pricing; across all 50 states and territories.

#4 Cleaning Up Across Industries

Brighter Image focuses on solving cleanup and abatement issues for any facility type — no matter your industry.

The bottom line is, when you choose Brighter Image, we’ll make YOU shine.


What We Do

Pressure Washing
Mold Remediation

Brighter Image Provides Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Such As:

  • Power Washing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Restoration Services Related to Water, Smoke, and Fire Damage
  • Routine Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Bird Abatement Services Which Include:
      • Removal of Intrusive Birds and Nests
      • Cleaning up after Birds
      • Pest Control Measures to Keep Birds Out of and Away from Buildings

  • Floor Cleaning, Polishing, and Repair
  • Construction Clean-Up
  • Wall Installation and Repair
  • High Dusting Within Buildings and Other Under-Roof Structures
  • HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Restroom Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Concrete Block and Stone Restoration
  • Efflorescence Cleaning of Building Exteriors and Interiors
  • Graffiti Clean-Up
  • Roof and Gutter Cleaning
  • Sign Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Spider and Pest Clean-Up

We provide facility maintenance and cleaning services to all facility types, including big-box retail stores, banks, gas stations, government agencies, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, apartment complexes, and industrial facilities.

Please visit our Services page to learn more about what we do!

Brighter World


At Brighter Image, we believe in keeping the world around us clean and Bright. From the products we use to the businesses we partner with, we are continuously analyzing our choices and practices to protect what really matters — our world and the lives that depend on it.

We are proud to be a Green Seal Certified business and will continue to go above and beyond to have a positive impact on the environment.

Proud Producers of Green Seal Certified Products

Environmentally Safe Products

In an effort to be environmentally responsible, we consciously consider our choices in products. For example, we use Heavy Duty Degreasers that have obtained a Green Seal approval, replacing hazardous chemicals with effective, eco-friendly solutions.

Reduced Carbon Impact


Our team members are encouraged and supported in working virtually whenever possible, reducing their carbon footprint on the environment. We also encourage the use of digital documentation, reducing our company-wide paper use to under 10%.

Humane Practices

Humane Practices

When engaging with wildlife, Brighter Image employs tactics that are safe and humane. Brighter Image team members will ensure that any animals they encounter are well cared for, even placing them in the care of the proper organizations for rehabilitation if necessary.

Green Partners

Green Partners

We place a high value on partnering with suppliers that are not only the best in their fields but are also positively engaging in their environments by applying socially and ecologically friendly practices.