Birds. While they are a charming accent of nature, they do prove to be the bane of an indoor-outdoor business. Nests and droppings are inevitable side effects of a constant bird presence, and when uncontrolled, product may be ruined, and customers may be deterred from returning. What’s a business to do?

The proven solution of Brighter Image® consists of:

  • Initial Site Assessment
  • Clean-up
  • Prevention
  • Monitoring & Follow-Up

Brighter Image® regularly investigates new bird prevention methods to provide current solutions to ever-changing issues.

    Why should I be concerned about birds?
    Birds “imprint” on a location and can quickly and easily overrun a commercial building. Their presence can damage property/product, spread disease/mites, and deter customers.

    What can I expect?


    All debris, droppings, dead birds, old nests, bird seed, eggs, etc. will removed from all areas involved, followed by a thorough clean-up.

    The clean-up process disrupts the birds’ routine, creating an extremely high level of anxiety and confusion in the birds – serving as a major initial deterrent.


    Our experienced technicians will evaluate your unique needs to suggest the best abatement option(s) for your situation.
    Please see our detailed breakdown of some of our most popular solutions!

    How can Brighter Image help?
    Our team of Bird Control experts take pride in developing ecofriendly abatement solutions that are humane and effective.

    Some of our prevention methods include:

    • Foam — Foam is a cost-effective exclusion solution for smaller areas, such as roof openings and pipes.
      Filling in these openings will prevent birds from nesting.
    • Gel Deterrents — Optical Gel is a totally humane, all-natural, multi-sensory bird repellent. It works by deterring birds using sight, smell, and touch. It is one of our most popular items in helping prevent bird nesting, loitering, and roosting. Birds will see fire/smoke, although there isn’t any. They smell peppermint oil; which they dislike. And the gel is sticky enough to cause annoyance, but not sticky enough to cause harm to the birds. The Optical Gel dishes are noted to be effective for 2-4 years.
    • Netting — Netting is the most humanely efficient and effective exclusion solution. It is effective for all bird species, including the most common invasively species such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. The netting serves as a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing or nesting. One of our technicians will perform an onsite evaluation to provide a custom fit solution. This is a great, long term solution for bigger areas, such as canopies.
    • Pallet Pads — Pallet pads are a cost-effective solution for higher, flat surfaces such as pallets and racking.
      The pads are saturated with a 100% organic grape seed oil solution that is safe for use around humans and plants. The solution irritates the birds* trigeminal systems (similar to our sense of smell), for a harmless, but effective response. This will help repel the birds from loitering and landing.
    • Shock Track — Shock Track is an ideal solution to keep pest birds from perching and nesting on ledges or other structures. When a bird lands on the track, a harmless amount of electricity sends a “shock” that is just enough to scare and deter the bird from landing there in the future. Instinctively they learn not to return to the treated area. This is an aesthetically pleasing solution, as it is low-profiled and conforms to any surface. Most common application sites include edges, railings, signs, gutters, trusses, and more. It can also be effective against climbing animals!
    • Sounds Deterrents
    • Spikes
    • Visual Deterrents

    As Authorized Installers for the nation’s largest Bird Abatement Product Suppliers, we offer customized solutions for your business needs.

    We use licensed subcontractors when required.

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