"Simplifying Facility Maintenance"

With more than 20 years of retail maintenance management experience, our staff is keenly aware of the unique characteristics and operating issues associated with servicing retail and chain stores. Customer satisfaction is our paramount goal. We meet and exceed this by providing the highest quality service, coupled with continual communication to each of our customers.

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Brighter Image®

Our Clients

Brighter Image® provides innovative, high quality solutions to facility maintenance needs by providing the technology, management, and field resources needed to assure desired results. Our company has spent over 20 years building a reputation of being one of the best and most reliable professional service companies that exists today.

Our clients are especially satisfied with our company's performance and reputation, which results in their repeat business. We believe the reason we are a success is that we work together as a team and work toward guaranteeing you, our customer, service beyond expectations.

For many of our clients, a comprehensive facility management program consists of a variety of needs and unique methods of delivering service and support to solve them. As such, our programs must be designed to address emergencies, preventive maintenance, routine service, long-term planning, and construction management, in a consistent and cost effective manner.

Our team recognizes the difference in each of our business relationships, and with this insight, we execute the mission of becoming your partner. From learning about your facility needs and strategies, to assisting in executing your plan, we are dedicated to your success. The Brighter Image® team's commitment to our clients is what continues to maintain our position as the leading service provider in the nation.

“We plan to recommend the BI crew anytime we have the opportunity ... There just are so few SP’s like this anymore.”

- Overnight Manger John

“The BI Team is the most efficient, friendliest, most cooperative, and most professional team I have ever worked with.”

- Operations Manager Jason Barkley

“The Brighter Image® work was satisfactory to the extreme. They were professional and took better care of store product than any vendor I’ve ever worked with.”

- Assistant Store Manager Kyle Dudley

“The Brighter Image® crew I worked with were right on time, did the work exactly as outlined, communicated well and did a great job. They truly deserve an excellent quality control score!”

- Assistant Store Manager Tracy Goldfield

“I was very impressed with the work ethic of the Brighter Image® team. I’ve not had such a professional crew in a long time, nor have I seen a crew work so hard to complete a job so well. They parked correctly and communicated very well.”

- Store Manager Glen Adams

“Brighter Image® was very professional and personable. They were very thorough and I’d be glad to work with them again. They did a very good job.”

- Store Manager Chris Blakely

“They are one of the most supportive, best crews that I have ever worked with. Truly professional in every aspect. I’d like all my SP’s to be BI crew.”

- OMN Anand