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With more than 20 years of retail maintenance management experience, our staff is keenly aware of the unique characteristics and operating issues associated with servicing retail and chain stores. Customer satisfaction is our paramount goal. We meet and exceed this by providing the highest quality service, coupled with continual communication to each of our customers.

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Drywall Installation / Repairs / Replacement (New or Remodel)

Drywall can be damaged by impacts, moisture, and foundation settlement

Drywall’s displacement of old fashioned plaster and lath construction had a huge impact in the building industry, but plaster still has a few weak points.

Sharp impacts will cause "puncture wounds" in drywall, as the paper surface tears and the gypsum core cracks and crumbles. If a building settles or shifts because of weak soil or other structural problems, interior drywall is likely to crack, especially at the top edges of window and door openings. Drywall can even "pop" off the framing that holds it in place if the framing flexes or shifts.

Moisture is another enemy of drywall. The paper facing on standard drywall panels will absorb moisture that's in the air or in direct contact with a panel. When this happens, the wet paper becomes an ideal habitat for mold. As the mold spreads (creating tell-tale stains in the paper surface), the gypsum core swells and starts to deteriorate. This damage not only destroys the wallboard, but it also creates a health hazard because of the airborne mold spores that building occupants are likely to inhale.

Professional repairs to solve drywall problems

For more extensive drywall damage, it's best to call in a contractor with expertise in drywall repair. This is especially true when the drywall damage may be due to other problems, like excess moisture or foundation settlement. Brighter Image® provides expert drywall repair and replacement, helping you restore the beauty, functionality and safety of business.

Whether you are repairing damaged drywall, or just envisioning a remodel in a particular room, Brighter Image® can help to make this transformation happen with expert drywall texturing and painting.

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“The Brighter Image crew was one of the best I have worked with. They are professional and did very thorough and detailed work. They were organized and friendly. All equipment is outside ready for pickup. I appreciated the daily calls from BI; none of the other SP’s do that.”

- Robert, June 2021

“It was like a crew of efficient little elves quietly came in, worked and disappeared!”

- Juan Solar, June 2021

“We plan to recommend the BI crew anytime we have the opportunity ... There just are so few SP’s like this anymore.”

- Overnight Manger John

“The BI Team is the most efficient, friendliest, most cooperative, and most professional team I have ever worked with.”

- Operations Manager Jason Barkley

“The Brighter Image® work was satisfactory to the extreme. They were professional and took better care of store product than any vendor I’ve ever worked with.”

- Assistant Store Manager Kyle Dudley

“The Brighter Image® crew I worked with were right on time, did the work exactly as outlined, communicated well and did a great job. They truly deserve an excellent quality control score!”

- Assistant Store Manager Tracy Goldfield

“I was very impressed with the work ethic of the Brighter Image® team. I’ve not had such a professional crew in a long time, nor have I seen a crew work so hard to complete a job so well. They parked correctly and communicated very well.”

- Store Manager Glen Adams

“Brighter Image® was very professional and personable. They were very thorough and I’d be glad to work with them again. They did a very good job.”

- Store Manager Chris Blakely

“They are one of the most supportive, best crews that I have ever worked with. Truly professional in every aspect. I’d like all my SP’s to be BI crew.”

- OMN Anand

“I have been with Home Depot for 27 years and a manager 17 years, and by far this is the best team I have ever worked with... In a scale of 1-10, I give 110. I would hire them on the spot at any time!”

- Lindsay, Manager of Home Depot